Why Packy is the Best File Compression Software

File compressing (packing) and file conversion are quite frequent tasks for users handling data that they care about. Whether we need to save some hard drive space or want to send something via e-mail or third-party transfer websites, we need archiving software that can get the job done. Of course, there are lots of options out there, but how many can do the job well and do it fast? The answer is “very few,” and one of those that do stand out is our very own Packy.

What Is Packy?

Packy is an archiving tool that allows you to compress, extract, and convert files easily and efficiently. When working with large files, you need every megabyte you can spare. With our software, you can reduce an average file to 1/8th of its size. The neat .packy archive can then be sent online and extracted easily, and there will be no damage or corruption to the original file. In addition, Packy provides cutting-edge encryption, so every file you pack will stay safe.

The Best File Compression Software to date
The Best File Compression Software to date

Packy’s Many Capabilities

We have worked tirelessly to make Packy stand out among the ocean of archiving software in early 2020. As such, this handy tool comes with lots of options and benefits.

Compressing Different File Types

Are you a movie buff, or do you work in video editing? If either of these two questions has a “yes” for an answer, then Packy will be an invaluable tool for your work. Our team has made Packy the perfect app for anyone who needs to transfer or archive large numbers of videos. More importantly, since new video formats produce massive files, you can save more videos by compressing them — eight times more videos, to be precise. Simply compress files and folders that you need and extract them later.

High-quality Packy file compression is also perfect for music and audio files, as well as photos and image editing tools. In short, both visual and auditory media will greatly benefit from Packy. But it doesn’t end there. Avid gamers can also compress and extract files such as save states, ISOs, ROMs, and other media formats. And since modern games take up lots of HDD space, you’ll need a good archiving app.

Regular, written documents also benefit from Packy, especially if you have to write or edit them 24/7. Thanks to how easy the app is to use, you can send and receive files more quickly than before, when you exchanged them via email. It’s like old-school archivers, but far more stable and easy to work with.
And speaking of…


We understand that some people still use old types of archiving software, which is fine. But you don’t have to keep several types of archivers on your PC. Packy can extract and compress files in several different formats, including .ZIP, .7Z, and .RAR.

Packy has Multiplatform and Filetype Compatibility
Packy has Multiplatform and Filetype Compatibility

Multiplatform Performance

Some people use Mac, others prefer PCs with Windows, and yet others work exclusively with smart devices. And since we know all of those markets well, we decided to make Packy available to anyone. Mac users can download this archiver for both their computer and their iOS platform. The same applies if you’re using Windows on your PC or have an Android device.

Fast and Secure Compression

Most current archivers on the market do things well, but slowly. Not Packy, though; this app will either compress or extract what you need in a matter of seconds. We don’t call it “lightning-fast” for nothing! But speed is not important if your archive doesn’t have proper safety measures in place. That’s why we focused on making sure that each and every .packy archive comes out with no security issues.

Packys Fast and Secure Compression
Packys Fast and Secure Compression

How Do I Know Packy Is a Good Product?

We know that there are hundreds of apps on the market that claim something which turns out to be false advertising! In order to avoid not giving our customers what they want, we decided to call in the big guns to help us perfect Packy. A team of experts looked over the app and provided valuable advice on improving it. In addition, our development team is made up of industry experts who know full-well what the limitations of other popular archiving tools are. Not only do we want this product to succeed financially, but we also want to have a decent archiver, since it can greatly help us with our own work. It’s a win-win situation for both the customer and the developer.

A Few Final Words

So far, quite a few people have tested Packy and most of the early results have been positive. So, if you need a decent archiving tool that’s lightning-fast and reliable, head over to our official website today. Make your daily software and media work easier with the best file extraction and compression software on the market today — go for Packy.