How to Extract a File using Packy

Hello! This is Nathan, the head developer of Packy. In this post we are going over the Unpacking of files feature of our revolutionary File Compression and Extraction Software named Packy App

To get started launch the Packy App on your device, after doing so you are presented with the dashboard

Select the Unpack Files option in the Packy App to continue to the next page

Simply drag and drop your compressed .packy file into the dropzone to start the extraction process

Now your .packy file is Unpacking to its original form. Depending on the size and the processing power of your computer this can take a little bit of time. Thanks to the power of our proprietary Packy algorithm you are able to take tiny .packy files an return them to their original size without losing quality. Making Packy perfect for sharing larger files with your friends and family, as well as keeping your files safe from unwanted access thanks to our outstanding file encryption.

That’s it! You now have your file extracted (or as we call it “Unpacked”) using Packy App

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