Pack, Unpack and Convert Compressed Files with Ease!

Packy helps you to archive and unarchive your data giving you a smaller file size, secure encryption and ease of use with the .packy file format. Not only does Packy help you secure your files, it also compresses them to a smaller size unrivaled by any other software.

Pack Files

Reduce a File to 1/8th of its Original Size without Loss of Quality using our Patented Algorithm

Unpack Files

Take a .packy archive and restore it to its original glory within seconds

Remove Passwords

Got a file with a Password? Packy will remove it for you! Supports: PDF, ZIP, RAR, 7z, and many more

Packy beats all its rivals

Large files can often cause a problem when you try to manage them. Not only do they take up a significant amount of space, but they are also difficult to transfer over the Internet. It takes a lot of time to upload and download these files, and that is not an ideal situation. We have crafted a software that will help you manage all your files efficiently.

Called Packy, it will enable you to compress and decompress your data with just a few clicks. You will be able to pack them into a compressed .packy format with a smaller size easily. Moreover, Packy comes with cutting-edge encryption technologies that will keep all your data safe making it the best compression software for your computer

Packy can do it all

Safeguard your Packed Files

No matter what kind of data you throw at packy. Packy keeps them safe using state-of-the-art encryption techniques. Unpack files super fast

Lightning Fast Compression

Our proprietary algorithm allows Packy to extract .packy files faster than a lightning. Seriously, its fast!
Cross Platform Compatible

Multi Platform Functionality

Packy is designed for MacOS as-well as PC's with Apps for iOS and Android being close to being released to the public

Reduce Filesize without Loss of Quality

Movies, Pictures, Apps, Games, Documents - Whatever it is Packy will Reduce its File Size to 1/8th of the original file on average

Did we mention: Packy is Freeware?

Join the .Packy Revolution

All your Media Packed Well

With Packy, you will be able to compress and secure your files in one go. We have kept the software user-friendly so that both beginners and experts find it a delight to use.

Our Hard Work: Your Benefit

We have put in a lot of hard work into creating a packing software that will be fast and secure for the users. You can depend on Packy for efficiency and reliability.

We hired expert help while developing the software in order to make sure that it turns out flawless. Experienced researchers have given their inputs to help us build this software.

We wanted to make Packy accessible to as many people as possible. To that end, we have tried to make the software versatile in terms of compatibility.

Whether you work on a Windows platform or a Mac computer, you will be able to use the software in order to manage your files. This cross-platform feature of Packy does not affect its performance

Safely Store your Files

With Packy, you will not have to worry about the safety of your files. The software will pack all the data securely so that there is no unexpected loss.

Packy is formatted to tackle any and all kinds of data which means that you will have nothing to worry about.

We have integrated the latest encryption techniques into the software, and they will work on all the files that you pack using the software.

Lightning Fast Operation

You will see that extraction of files often takes a much longer time than you want it to. If you operate within a fixed time frame, this might prove to be inconvenient for you.

This is where Packy comes in. It comes with our unique proprietary algorithm that allows it to speed up the unpacking.

Packy is able to extract files with the extension .packy at a lightning fast speed

Packy is a software of superior quality and can prove to useful for everyone. We believe in our creation, and want it to become an essential software for every person who dabbles in technology.

Do Anything, Anywhere!

With Packy it won't matter if you're running Windows, MacOS or Linux. Trying to Extract a .packy file, zip, rar, 7z or any other common filetype. Packy can Pack and Unpack it all!

And did you know: You can also Remove the Password from PDF, Zip, Rar and many other files!

Packy can indeed - do it all!

Reviews From Our Happy Users

Professionals and Home Users alike Love Packy
Daniela Guzmán

“If you are looking for a good file compression software, then you cannot go wrong with Packy!”

Roger Estrella
Database Administrator

“There might be other options on the market, but Packy offers a number of benefits that they do not.”